‘Arsona’ specializes in temperature-controlled transportation products (cheese, meat products, ice cream, frozen meat, etc.).

CMR insurance

All ‘Arsona’s’ trucks carrying freight have CMR insurance for the sum of 100 000 – 300 000 Euros.


A truck with CEMT could be offered on request.

Refrigerator with 2 freezing compartments

We suggest our customers a possibility to transport freight in a truck under different temperature conditions. For this we offer you a refrigerator with a mobile partition and two thermo aggregates. It all allows us to transport freight of any volume and temperature as well as this transportation alternative saves our customers time and money.


On request, for your freight transportation we can provide with refrigerators which are equipped with thermographs. During all the transportation time, our clients will be able to get a thermogram which reflects the temperature of the cargo.